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Hello From BIXET


What Is BIXET?

We are a digital agency specialized in all information technology services and beyond. We operate from Jeddah to the whole wide world. With our unique lifestyle which we develop our self and crafted from our souls. We do a lot of coding and programming the “best BIXET way” because we really love it. True the programming world is too big, but yet we love it and we already draw our path in it. We know what we are capable of, therefore we dedicated our skills and our time to learn more and more about web technologies and smartphone applications, and we also have our artistic touch in our soul and it is so amazingly beautiful. Besides that, we had to discover more and sharpness our abilities, to be better marketers in the digital world that we will open and facilitate for you and for your business.

The soul of BIXET as we mentioned was created from our souls, so who we are as people? We are simply a bunch of humble geeks and artists loving what we do and we do feel so passionate about it. And keeping our positivity about the bright future we look at. Plus we really hate all the old rules and regulations that do not fit in our time and unsuitable for the future ahead of us, they are just old and we are fresh new. That’s it.



What BIXET Do?

We are developers. So we develop. Smart phones applications for both iOS & Android, also for desktops running macOS & Windows, but we do the last part -developing desktop applications- rarely, due to the web movement, also we develop web applications and websites.
And we are designers too, therefore we design gorgeous graphics, corporation identities, and montaging beautiful short videos. And since we do things we learned how to market them in the digital world.

BIXET Blog - Hello Jeddah

We also do some other related services, likes email setups, hosting, domain names, web designing, SEO, social media account management, web strategies and two of the most parts, every successful software developer do, UI & UX designing.

Oh dear, we love those two so much. Simplifying complex ideas, finding the best and shortest way to accomplish a task is really a thing to us and we love doing it.


What Does BIXET Means?

Well, here is the best part. Our name BIXET is a combination of 2 words that define the digital world.

The first one is “bit”; (a bit is a basic unit of information used in computing and digital communications — Wikipedia) and to us, the “bit” represent the inside of each web application, website, mobile application or anything else we develop, and we do take care of it very good and in our “best BIXET way” style.
The second word is “pixel”; (a pixel is a physical point in a raster image or the smallest addressable element in an all points addressable display device; so it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen. — Wikipedia) and to us, the “pixel” represent the outside of each web application, website, mobile application or anything else we develop or the corporation identities, graphics, online campaigns or anything else we create, and we do take care of it very good and in our “best BIXET way” style.

BIXET Blog - Hello Jeddah

That being said about our name and about what it represents, we want to add that we really want to change and improve the tech culture here in Saudi Arabia and we want to develop software the way they should be developed. Beautiful inside out.

Lastly, to show our commitment and our uniqueness in our brand, we inspired our color palette from the colors of the RGB concept which pixels use. Red, green & blue but we used a special shades and tones to define us now and in the future. Even the BIXET logo is inspired by the shapes of both “bit” & “pixel”, the red-pinkish square you see represent the shape of pixels, and the rest of the logo represent the “bit” shape, since the letters shape was drawn first as 0s and 1s, then we made the final letter shape out of it.


What Are BIXET’s Values?

To elaborate more on what we said in our “ABOUT” page, regarding our mission “developing a lifestyle by all” and our vision “developing a lifestyle to all”. We will explain it a bit more.

Our full mission statement; Improving, spreading a new culture, clarifying and integrating. Those four words do represent the mission that we dedicated our self to. Improving the quality of the software development in the kingdom and improve the quality of the UI of it too. Spreading the full digital culture in an awesome way for all the people in the kingdom. Clarifying all the misunderstood digital terms and situations and helping the kingdom people in need. Integrating between your business and our standards by deploying the best latest trends in marketing and designing and our passion programming to reach the highest point of success.
Our full vision statement; Aiming to be a well recognized and a known brand in the digital world inside the kingdom and out. Inspiring people of doing the right thing to their digital life with our unique lifestyle. Providing the best digital solutions like software developing, designing and marketing and even the ready ones after we put our touch on it, to all the people of the kingdom.

And to achieve our life dream, we will learn more, do more, and implement more and more. We are planning and currently developing too many ideas and mobile applications to support our lifestyle which will be the best lifestyle for you. We will make sure of it.


Who Are BIXET Clients?

You. Honestly, we have few clients so far. But we just love small beginnings, they are the best. And since we love what we do & do what we love. We know we will success and make you success too.

BIXET Blog - Hello Jeddah
There are still too many chances in life and we will seize it all hopefully just to make you happy. Remember, BIXET loves you and your business too. And if you ever became worried about our prices, stop. We are humans after all. Therefore, we pleasantly will help you the most we could. BIXET is there for you. So, How about making an appointment with us over a cup of coffee? We are paying!