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BIXET Digital Marketing

Marketing a service or a product on your behalf, to the rest of the whole wide world, by one of what we do best in digital marketing approaches seems like a professional marketer job. Therefore we take it seriously and do it with great passion, probably because we love you

Digital Marketing
Connecting you with your current and prospective customers and clients, in an entirely different way in the digital world. We deliver your message through many digital channels to many types of audience in the right time.
Being on the first page of a search results is just a remarkable thing to do for your services. And we love to do remarkable things all the time. Therefore we sure your website or application will be one of the first results on the page, where it belongs.
Online Campaigns
Name your preferred social media network and let us handle your online campaigns on it. There are too many options of course, like video, search result, places, pictures and the old visual way “plain text”.
Community Handling
Tired of handling your many social media accounts? or simply don’t have time for it? or you don’t know the right time for posting or where to post it? Don’t you worry a bit, BIXET got you. Many of our members are working only on this matter to make your time worth it.
Content Strategy
Creating the soul of your website, mobile application, design, posts or even a brand, is always challenging. The content to us is the base of any digital product. The moment you know it you could build your way on it.
Social Media Accounts Management
Taking responsibility for running a social account is a bit hard, regarding the strategy, the content, the language to use and the time to post. This applies on all the social media platforms whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or YouTube

Packages Plans

First of all, do not worry about the cost. We love you and we want your business to success because ours depends on it. So, we present to you our famous packages with the best prices out there along with certainly the best quality.
 Just request the suitable package for you and let us surprise you with our skills and abilities. While you focus on your business and allowing us to handle this matters for you

The Good SM Management

SR6K/ Month
  • creating content – 10 posts
  • 2 hours daily of account community handling
  • 10 Posts On Facebook 
  • 10 Posts On Instagram 
  • 10 Posts As Twitter tweet 
  • 1 Blog post -optional-
  • Full Report

Sorry, but the Rest Digital Marketing Services Depends!

Digital marketing is a bit tricky, therefore, we couldn’t put any price packages for the rest of our best services. We must take a full brief from your side, then we will analyze your situation. Lastly, we will get back to you with a full quotation in maximum 48 hours.

“Never underestimate the power of a tweet.”

Germany Kent, You Are What You Tweet

Are You Ready?

Digital Marketing Is Certainly A Great Approach, If You Are Looking For More Likes, Views, Followers, And More Impressions. Through The Digital Marketing, Your Popularity Will Be Increased A Lot Which Probably Helps You Increase Your Reputation And Especially Your Sales. Do A Campaign With Us Or Let Us Handle Your Accounts Or Simply A SEM Or SEO For Your Website Or Application.

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